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How to connect an URL from


I am about to start a project for a client, that has bought their domain and is atm hosting it at I would like to connect the domain to Webflow to host it there (CMS Site Plan), but I couldn’t find any information regarding the DNS settings for Could you help?


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It’s difficult to say exactly because each Plesk panel could be slightly different based on the management setup.

Plesk don’t offer hosting and are just admin panel interfaces for self hosting, so it may be better to look outside of Plesk and look at the domain provider to point to Webflow if this is where it’s going to be hosted as this cuts the chain down a little.

That said, if you need to point to the Plesk server for whatever reason there is such thing as Forwarding Only hosting in Plesk, and you can also set the DNS to Master and then point to Webflow this way.