How to collapse the section by half?

Please, tell me how to make the green section fold halfway when you press the button and open when you click anywhere?

Section 4 - height 200px -> 100px.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Have you tried using interactions? Create an on page load interaction for section 4 with an initial state as required. Then create an on mouse click interaction ( you will need a timed animation for click 1 and click 2). You can add this interaction to all of your sections.

If you want a nice 3d fold effect , I think you may want to enclose section 4 in another div and set a parent perspective on that… I will try an do a demo if you are sure you want this fold effect?

Hi @HammerOz

Thank you, I will accept any help.

I was answered @bro-design:
I remade, but not much is not so very difficult.

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