How to change the layer of 1 image (arrow) covering another image (laptop)

Hi! Explained here:

Hello @Tim_Lichti,

In CSS rules there is z-index, which controlling “layering” option of objects. In other words: top layer will have z-index higher than other layers.

In Webflow UI you can find z-index on styling panel under Position settings.

For activate z-index rule you will have to give position: relative to your images and then give z-index to “arrow-image” less than to “screen-image”.

Hope I was able to explain.


Hi Sabanna, I’m not tech savvy and will have the programmers upload the website to be hosted on Azure. If I use the z-index, is it possible things will malfuntion if the website isn’t used in CSS?

Any site is using CSS, it is how browser understand how elements have to look like. And I don’t think it will somehow effect functionality of your site.

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