How to change colour, border or text size of another element on hover?

Hi guys,

How do you change the border of a div for example when hovering over another link block?

It seems you can only do transform changes, not styling transforms like colour, border etc. via interactions?

My question is similar to Remove another elements border on hover but he didn’t get an answer.

I’m new to Webflow (less than 24 hours in) and loving it, but am stuck on this.

Thanks in advance!

You cannot change the div, but you can create another div inside of the div for just the border, and show/hide that using an interaction.

Thanks @samliew!

@webflow are there any plans to include this down the road? Or is this a design decision that you’ve made when building interactions to leave this out?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @YoD we do have plans for a new version of our Interactions tool. No firm ETA, but it is indeed coming.

Stay tuned! :smiley:

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Thanks for the reply @PixelGeek!

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