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How to change background image every 4 seconds?

how to change background image every 4 seconds?

I want to have it like udemy’s hero section on the homepage.

let me know :smiley:

Use a slider for the background.

didn’t work, I’d like to do it with an animation.

how can I do that? :slight_smile:

Hi, @dvir0776

Could you explain, what do you mean “It didn’t work”?

Can you please share your Webflow share link so we can see what specifically does not work?

sorry I wasn’t specific

preview link:

homepage hero section: I have a normal background property for a section, and I uploaded the 2 images there, but I can’t figure out how to change their visibility every 4 seconds.

I don’t want to use a slider, I’m trying to make it look like udemy’s homepage.

my question: How can I make the background property of the section change every 4 secons?

thank you so much!

As people already mentioned, use the slider for fast and easy set-up for such a page. It should work.

Tested it in your site:

Just set the slider as a background in your hero section, delete or hide the slider arrows and bullets and set to autoplay and disable swipe gestures…

It should do the trick.

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wow that’s awesome! How do I set the slider as a background in my hero section though?

when I try I can only set an image not a slider.

can someone please be more specific about that part?

thank you

I´m sorry, didn´t write that correctly (English is not my native language).

What I meant is setting the slider under the hero DIV, and do not set any background on the hero DIV. That way the hero DIV is transparant and shows the slider underneath.

Or better: place a slider in the Hero DIV (with slider set to 100% width and height to fill the Hero DIV) and build the “Find the right Expert” DIV on top of the slider.

Does that make sense to you?

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