What's the best way to have changing background but not content?

I’d like to try to have a hero section where the background changes but the content does not.

I have considered sliders but that would require some sort of position settings that I’m not sure how to properly setup.

Haven’t seen a tutorial on something like this yet, or if I have, forgotten where it was.

Don’t know if this is the best way to do it. But attached is screenshots of how I did it when I was doing the test build on your preview site the other day.

I setup the slider for the images and gave it a height of 100% and position of Relative.

Then added a Section on top with Padding top and bottom, a Height of 100%, Position Absolute and Top, with a Z-Index of 1 to place it above the slider.

Then added a Container inside the Section and then the various elements inside that.

See attached.

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Thank! That works soo much better.

Sigh, I need a lesson in element positioning…I have the hardest time keeping this stuff straight. Can’t thank yo/the community enough for the help I get!

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I’d recommend going to https://teamtreehouse.com and watching the training videos and doing the questions in the CSS courses. It has a 14 day free trial. So you can do all the beginner courses and then decide if you want to subscribe for longer to do more indepth stuff. Is really good, and understanding how to code css, even though you work visually in webflow will help you massively when using webflow.


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