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How to center one element and position another to it?

Hi, my title is very specific but it is actually one of many confusions… in a nutshell, everything looks fine in the designer, but when I hit the preview button, nothing is being positioned correctly. I’ve watched a ton of tutorials and thought I understood all the underlying concepts, but somehow I feel like my site is a mess and there’s multiple things going wrong with the positioning. Could someone please help me?


So far, I just have a homepage, and then it scrolls down to reveal projects. For reference, this is what they’re supposed to look like:


Let me know if this what you tried to achieve

Hi, thanks for the response. I’m not really understanding what you tried to do in the video. But I’m trying to make all the elements stay in proportion/relation to one another, so that it looks like my screenshot regardless of screen size.

In the first video I tries to show how the title & waves stick together one the image. In the video below you can see how I achieved it. The “tour” around the Style window shows the parameters for each element - hope it helps "-)

Oh! I thought of a more specific question. Is there any way for the text to always be stuck to the side of the image (while having the image always centered)? And also have the linkblock only be on the image, not the text?

I just got round to watching the video, thank you for that!! I never thought about putting the title inside the same block as the image, I’ll play around with that.

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