How to center a simpel textfield in fixed size


I guess this really is a pretty simple question, but how do you make af simple textfield at 600 pixels centered.
I know I can make it with a 3 column flexbox, but what if I just want one single column centered?



I don’t understand completely what are you trying to achieve. Can you elaborate more please?

And can you share your link project so it is easier to assist you.

Sorry I am new here, was not aware of this great sharing functionlity :wink:

But take a look here

It is the one column text section down the middle on the sandy background with the headline “Gratis…”.
As you can see, I have made a Flexbox with two empty column on each side to make it center, but I guess that should not be nessesary?



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Hey Kim welcome to Webflow! I think I understand what you’re trying to do.

You should first get rid of the three column element you used. After that, add a div in your “heading” container and name that “flex-wrapper”, and then give it a display of flex. Then create another div inside of your flex-wrapper, you can call this “flex-heading-content”, give it a width of 80% and then put the paragraph block inside of that div.

You can play with the flex controls to get the width to your preference.

Hopefully that works!

That is exactly what I wanted to do and knew there was a better way.
really love this CMS.
Thanks a lot.

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No problem. It is pretty awesome!
Glad I could help.

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