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How to build an interactive calendar without a 3rd party widget

I want to build an interactive “save the date” button on my event section of my website. I’m not sure how to pull this off but any help is definitely needed and appreciated.

I have a listing of events on my site. I way my viewers to be able to click a button that says “save the date” and it add it to their systems default calendar on their mobile or desktop device. This would be the simple version.

In a perfect world I would like to build that “save the date” button but instead of it adding to their calendar, it could add multiple dates they select to an email that they can forward to themselves or other people— like a way they can create their own personal itinerary out of my events and then forward it all to themselves at one time or forward to other people by email.

Is this possible? I am absolutely stuck and can’t figure out how to do this.

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Third-party option here, but Elfsight has some great options in this area. We worked with Elfsight to configure an Instagram feed for a Webflow project, but the concept is similar for embedding an interactive calendar widget.

Here’s a link to an event calendar on Elfsight: Event Calendar - Add Calendar widget to website (free and fast)

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