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How do you add a calendar widget in your membership app?

Hi guys,

I wanted to know how I could possibly add a calendar widget to my Webflow site? I know there are widgets available, but I need these specific items for my calendar:

Our site is a membership website wherein lawyers (user type A) can remind their clients (user type B) things they need to do. The reminder will then pop in their client’s calendar on the site.

Originally, we used Google Calendar widget. But the thing was that google calendar would not work/show to someone else if they were not logged in to Google and if the calendar was not set to public. For security reasons, the calendar should be set to be seen to only their client (or specific people) and not set to public where anyone can see it.

So can you suggest calendar widgets where:

  1. people can set reminders for other people and it shows on the calendar
  2. it is secure and not set to public

NOTE: I checked Elfsight calendar, however it seems it only lets the owner set events in the calendar, but not let the actual users of the program set events for each other. Let me know if I got it wrong.

Suggestions would be much appeciated. Thank you.

Hi Ana,

Thanks so much for checking our widget!

We’re really sorry that our solution wasn’t the best match for you and we hope you will find the perfect widget.

However, we would be so grateful if you could add this idea to our wishlist at We do our best to release the most popular features and your help is highly appreciated.

Elfsight Team

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