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How to build a product checkout with numerical raffle entry

Hi guys,

This may be simple for someone more seasoned but I’m struggling to understand how the following could conceptually work using webflow:

Let’s say I have an ecommerce store with 4 products. I also have a list of raffle-tickets, each with a unique number from say 1-100.
In addition to the regular checkout info when purchasing any single product the user needs to pick a value from said list to finish the purchase. Now the crux here is that only the first 100 customers will ever get a ticket and the list of numbers to choose from is diminished each time someone buys the product and selects a (available) number.

So I have two questions:

  1. Each time someone wants to buy a product, how do I validate the input form by checking if the entered number is available?

  2. If the number is available and the purchase completed, how do I dynamically update my list of available numbers (sitting in an AirTable for example)?

Really appreciate any guidance!

Thank you,