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How to animate a button on hover?

Hi all!
First of all thanks for a great community.
Second, sorry for my spelling and grammar.

I want to make a special nav bar on the side of my hero. The design is some circle button and when the user hoovers on them, they “open” and slide. Also, a dynamic text need to appear.
this is the element from figma:

hi @Lior_Parente here is simple example of one way to create this button

Hi @Lior_Parente if you don’t have further question related to this topic feel free to close your request as solved.

hi stan. thank you for your answer.
how can i do this in webflow? i have to work with code?

yes, all you need is in provided in CodePen. create button in WF and add CSS in embed element or page setting in <head>. You can also create everything (HTML and CSS) in embed element.


GREAT. thank you stan for your help.

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