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How to allow a new line input in textarea

I have a contact form in which the user can enter a message but when I hit enter in preview mode it doesn’t go to a new line. You have to actually write the enter line of text.

How can I set it so that the user can choose to start a new line in their message?

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Are you using a multi line field?

In a multi line filed, you can hit Enter and go to a new line. however, as you’re noticing it, it doesn’t work on Preview, only in Publish.

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aaaaah I hadn’t been checking in publish mode. That fixed it.

Thanks so much Vincent!

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Honestly I didn’t know, I realised that by testing after your post. i’m not even sure it’s been like this all along.

While we’re at it, don’t forget to set the dimensions of the multi line field: add a min-height so that you control the minimum height, and add the same value in min-width and max-width so the field can only be resized vertically, that’s more refined and elegant :slight_smile:


Will do, thanks Vincent. That’s also super helpful.