How to align content in one grid block to another element from another block?

So, I have 2 grid blocks. I want content inside 1 to be aligned with content from another element. How?

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Hi, this will explain it better than we can on the forum:

Personal taste, but i never use the grid property unless my mobile layouts really need to have the content moved around in a unique way. I recommend using traditional display properties, get to know how they work first before diving into grid property. I’ve seen so many new users start out using grid for all layout purposes when it’s not the most appropriate. I say traditional display properties, then flexbox, then grid for most complex. Again, just personal opinion and approach.

Oh, I didn’t know that Read-only links update as I work on the site.
Initially, I had a column setup and I couldn’t align it
I tried using grid for the first time and it’s exactly what I needed