How To Align Buttons In Different Columns

Hello, I have added FlexBox to each of the columns, made the container sticky and positioned the buttons absolute to the bottom of the column. But it is still not aligned and is now covering up text. How do I fix this?

Hi McKenzie, it’s important to follow the posting guidelines and share your designer read-only link. Without that no one can see your settings to help you.

Understanding Flexbox and Layout in Web Design | Loom

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Thank you so much for all your help! That makes so much more sense.

That was a great tutorial… just sending my appreciation. One trick I learned from this was to combine the header and the paragraph into its own flex box, and to have the button below separate, putting it all in a single wrapper. That allowed everything to align perfectly. Bamboozled me for a while, the combination of settings!

Hi! I have run into this problem just now and I cant get your video to play, is there any way to send it again or give us a step by step guide?

Give it another try…

Perfect works now thank you very much !