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Aligning Buttons in a Dynamic List


I have three Buy Now buttons in my dynamic list and I would like to be center aligned with each other. Any thoughts on how to do this?

Let’s breakdown the process, beginning with sibling blocks in a container.

So, we get this when giving the blocks display:box

And to make them stick to the top, we can add float

But in order for the blocks to get the same height than the most highest one, we need flexbox—hurray for stretch!

Now that this behavior is in place, we can work on the button position, let’s position:absolute it to the bottom of the block

In order for that to work, we have added a bottom padding to the block element, to account for the button room (because once it’s absolute, it’s not counted in the room available) and a position:relative property who does nothing bu allow the absolute pos. of the button to work.

Now, to make this to work in a dynamic list, give a class to your list and to the cells of the list.

Give flexbox to the list. And check Wrap children

Now give flexbox to cells


Some time has past but I am finally getting around to implementing flexbox on my site in order to better align things. I think I have it working for desktop view but when I switch to ipad/mobile I cannot figure out how to stack the columns.

I have my flexbox layout above my old one on the home page. Also, I wanted to see why I am not able to add margin between my columns. I watched this tutorial this morning and it didn’t seem to be an issue here.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Forgot to attach screen shots!

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