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How to add text next to CMS Collection field in embedded code?

Hi all, I have embedded code with a cms collection item in it. I need to add some text next to the CMS data. Notice I am appending a text USD next to the varibale CMS element:

The CMS field is a number. If I use the inspector, I see that the text is not appending. The number is correct, 98880 is the correct CMS value being passed along, but any text I place next to it doesn’t seem to be there:

I want to be able to get something like 98880USD or 98880COP.

Why is the text not being published in the code? Do I need something so that Webflow recognizes the text and adds it right next to the CMS price in the published code?

I included my read-only link below. The custom code is in the black add to cart buttons (agregar al carrito) on the right column.

Thank you for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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