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Add CMS Content into an Option List?

Hey there -

Hoping someone can help me out with this…I have an Ecommerce site I am trying to build that utilizes the options feature (normally used for something like “SMALL / MEDIUM / LARGE”) and I need to inject some custom text to go with each item in the list.

Unfortunately, Webflow doesn’t seem to allow me to place any kind of text that I can pull from the CMS into the options list…I can put a standard text block, but it will populate it for EVERY option and say the same thing - I want custom text for each option.

Standard text block, says the same thing…

When I try to select a CMS text field, it only populates the Name field from the Options I provided…I don’t have any other choices, even if I make the field in the template.

Any clue if this can be done some other way? Thanks in advance for any help!

Here is my public share link: I’d prefer not to set my link out there public right now as this work is private, but if someone really needs it to see I can try and mock up a dummy example.