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How to add SVG logo?

I have SVG code that I wanted to use within the Navbar element for the site logo. I tried adding the Embed widget within the Brand element that is in the Navbar by default. While I could insert the SVG code, nothing showed up in the the editor or the preview mode. I have not added an SVG within Webflow before, so not sure if I am missing something…? Also, I am currently using the Free account for evaluation purposes, so if that makes a difference for SVG support, LMK.

The easiest way is to save it as a .svg file and upload it as an image.

While I can save my SVG code (initially a .txt file) as .SVG, when I try to upload as image it says it is not an acceptable file type. Any other ideas, or is there something I missed?

Not sure, I’ve successfully uploaded heaps of them. Maybe you’re using Windows Explorer and the file extensions are hidden and it actually has a different extension? Maybe you have other special characters like . ) that it doesn’t like?

@mindymlin, the issue may not be with webflow. There are several different formats for svg. When you open your svg in a browser, will it display correctly?

hmmm, actually no. I am not seeing anything when I open it (what I saved as .svg) in a browser. I can open the earlier .txt file in a browser and see the svg code. Let me know if there is a different way I should be saving these out.

What are you using to generate and save the svg? Or are you just changing the filetype from .txt to .svg?

If you can display your svg code result in Chrome, then this should help you convert it to a file :smile:

After uploading .svg image go to settings window in the width type auto, voila your .svg image will appear.