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Clickable SVG rather than image map


I would like to use a clickable svg file rather than an image map to display a country map. I have created several <a> tags, with the href attribute in the svg file to link to various other pages/sites. I’ve done this all this in Inkscape, The file renders properly and the links work fine when I add the svg code into a html page (not in Webflow).

What is the best way to add this to Webflow? Do I create an embed element and paste the svg into the element? Do I create an iframe in the embed element and paste the svg into the iframe? Also is there a limit to how much code that can be pasted into an embed element?


Hey @crowdata

Generally i’ve found the easiest way to work with SVG elements in Webflow is to add an HTML Embed and past the SVG code into it.

That way its directly in the DOM and you can manipulate it with custom CSS, Javascript etc :smile:

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