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How to add shipping costs from a LTL freight

Hi guys! I have a customer that’s asked me to build an ecommerce site and incorporate shipping costs into the final price using a shipping calculator for freight shipments.

Has anyone encountered this? Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to start?

Their shipping provider is Unishipper, but they’re open to other options as long as it works.

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Have you found a solution for this? In the same boat, need shipping to be automatically calculated via UPS/USPS


Hey @AlexGish - were you ever able to come up with a solution for this? I’m still seeking a solution as well…

Sadly, not. What we are looking for is called live shipping (calculated for service type based on measurements and weight.)

The only way would be to use Foxy, but would mean changing a few things that I’m not willing to (downgrading to CMS site and changing all products from e-commerce page to CMS collections). Not painless.

I did have email exchange with Webflow and they said they’d have a solution ‘in 2020’.

For now, I’m doing flat shipment costs (which mean I sacrifice big chunk of profit!)

Hope this helps

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Thanks so much for the reply I really appreciate it.
I think I may have to do the flat shipment option for now too, hopefully Webflow will have it integrated sooner than later.

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Yeah–I love Webflow. Great service and amazing product. I hope so too!

@TL-Jay Just to chime in here. The end result was no. We had to build a solution on Shopify for the customer using custom rate calculation APIs with their shipping provider. There was no viable solution for this with Webflow given the limitations of their checkout capabilities. Hopefully, they expand this functionality in the future.


Did you ditch Webflow completely and move to Shopify?

For that particular customer, yes.

I’m hoping Webflow will have a way to do Calculated Shipping Rates soon. FoxyCart said they can do this through Webflow but everything has to be taken out of ecommerce and done just through CMS. Has anyone tried this method yet? I built a site that would take quite a bit of work to make this change, but might not have another option to get the site live soon.

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I went live without ‘live shipping’ (setting shipping cost by weight or item). It’s a compromise. I ship large/light and small/heavy, worst possible scenario. At the end, amid the rush for free shipping, I settled for free ground and a set price for expedited, across all my products. Eats my margins. I really hope webflow realizes how urgent this is, they said they’d get it done in 2020. If I can help further let me know.

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Yup. My customer does everything from a couple ounces to a couple tons, small package and oversized, parcel, freight, and LTL. We are possibly going with the weight options and free shipping on anything that requires a pallet. The biggest problem is overcharging someone one town away, and losing the profit on someone across the country.

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Talk to the Foxy people. They were pretty responsive to me. Basically you take your site back to CMS not Ecommerce, and run the Ecommerce through their service. I didn’t want to go back because I had already designed the whole site (and am only starting so not many orders yet).

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