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How to add Google Sign In Button to Page

Hey there!

Is there an integration that allows users to sign in via their Google email address and/or their Microsoft email address on a page made by Webflow? Image below for reference.


I was thinking of having one button that houses these 2 sign in prompts. So when a user clicks the Sign in button on the navbar, they’ll have the option to sign in with either their Google or Microsoft emails.

If there’s no Google/Microsoft Sign In integration with Webflow, will adding custom code achieve this?

Very good idea :heart_eyes:


Thanks @Julien_French_Nexter. So I’m guessing this isn’t possible with Webflow?

This is not possible with Webflow natively, you can implement custom code for this though.

Maybe this can help:

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Thanks for the suggestion @aaronocampo. The topic you sent is interesting but it looks it might be incomplete in terms of what we’re trying to achieve.

Apart from implementing existing code, another workaround could be creating pages with Webflow and having a Sign In button that when you click, leads to an external page / subdomain (created outside Webflow) where users can access a dashboard. Is it possible to make a website like this with Webflow? Where some subdomains are made with Webflow and some are not?

I’m wondering about this because our current website ( has pages with detailed interactions I’m not sure Webflow is capable of executing (e.g. our website automatically detects what OS you’re running and gives you the appropriate download link).

Webflow helps you a lot with the design of the site, but those functionalitied you need to integrate them via custom code.

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