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How to add fixed heights and not break responsive layout

Hi all,

I want to make my feature descriptions (1, 2, 3) have equal heights but when I add a fixed height it breaks the responsiveness. Also for some reason, my website isn’t snapping to my responsive designs and isn’t scaling down very well when I reduce my browser width even without using fixed height. This problem only happens on my desktop web when I drag and reduce the width of my chrome browser, everything shows up perfectly responsive if I load it on my iPad or my phone. I’m just worried if people have different web browser widths open the website doesn’t scale properly.

  1. How can I first get things on the web to snap to my different responsive designs?
  2. How can I add equal heights for my feature 1,2, 3 sections and not have it break the web responsiveness?

Here is the link to my site - Webflow - Quirk Website


When i opened your read-only link, it looked responsive to me. Or maybe i looked in the wrong area?

If you want an element with a fixed size but still want that element to be responsive, you could try using VW or VH values instead of PX values.


Thanks! Yes it’s still responsive, in that it scales down but for some reason, things don’t snap to the iPad view if I make the web browser window smaller- it just scales down. Is that pretty typical or should it snap to the iPad layout I created on webflow?