How to add custom code in the beginning of <body> tag?

I Have a facebook plugin that requires entering a lines of code in the beginning of body tag
how can I put this code???

In this link they are talking about putting code ate the end of body tag
and I want to put the code in the beginning.
can i do that??
anyway thanks for reply

Hi @Husein_M_ur, if you need to put code after the beginning of the body tag, I suggest you take that script code, and put an embed widget at the very start of your page where you will be having the Facebook stuff, and the first element on your page after the root Body element, will be the embed widget, and paste your code there. Can you try that, and see if that works for you ?

Cheers, Dave

Sorry I’ve read your question too fast.

Thanks for you mr. @cyberdave it works. :smile: you had solved a very big problem in my project
the Webflow Staff are really kind and professionals… :wink:

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no problem @vincent it was solved

Hi Dave,
i just read your suggestion on how to integrate custom code at the beginning of the body tag. Unfortunately the site I want to add code to was built already a while ago and has some 30 pages.

Is there any way to include the custom code right behind the body tag which would not involve copying and pasting the embed widget more than 30 times?

The code I want to embed is the Google Tag Manager.

Thx, Clemens