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How to add code on a button

Hello everyone,
So first sorry for my english.
I need to add some code for my tracking on google tag manager. This code is supposed to be activated once a form is complete, so i would like to add it on a button “send form”. Do you know how is it possible to do it?
Thanks a lot
Stay safe

Very general Q. Add more details.

Click on send button is not like saying form submitted or complete (some fields are required).
In general, this is not Webflow issue but GTM issue.

Start here (And then add more specific Q):

3 Form Tracking Techniques with Google Tag Manager:

More complex ideas:

Hi Jeremie,

If I understood correctly, you want to know when a form has been “completed” and send confirmation of that onto Google Tag Manager.

Using the “send form” button is a good way to do that and the video shared by Siton_Systems does a great job explaining this. Feel free to ask any questions about it if you get stuck.

If you’re looking for a simpler solution, I’m building a tool to track clicks, form submissions etc on your Webflow site :slight_smile: