How to add an updating dropdown menu for products

Hello community,
I am working on an e-commerce store and ran into a slight hint of trouble. I have watched Webflow university, but I did not see anything close to what I am looking to do. I would like to have a droop down menu for a product on my website that can feature multiple variations of that product without the user leaving the page.
I.E. if the user is looking at a t shirt I would like for them so also see the different color variations in an updated image as they click the different ones. Such as black, brown, yellow and many other different variations.

If you can provide any assistance it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.

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Hi @designerjay, it looks like our product variant option might work in this instance.

For additional reference on working with product variants please visit: Create product variants | Webflow University.

Thank you very much @johnramos