How to add a 'tap to call' button on mobile?

Hi, wondering how I can have something similar to this on the mobile site? In which it’s always showing but sticking to the button of the mobile page?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@arodceo - I can help you out, but can you share your read-only link so I can give exact instructions?

Here’s how to get that read-only link:

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hey sorry for the delay. here’s the read only link (by the way site isn’t finished yet).

No worries, it’s super easy:

Okay dope. so it would be a button with ‘tap to call’? How could I assure it stays as the footer the whole time someone is scrolling (meaning that it’s always there for them to call.

Super simple too, just change the button position to fixed. hope this helps!

How can I have it where that ‘call now button’ is fixed at the bottom but only appears on mobile. Not on laptop or desktop view?

display set hide


Thank you! This did it. Mind me asking what the easiest way to stay floating? So when a user is scrolling it is always at the bottom of the screen. So they can call, without having to wait until they scroll to the bottom.