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How to add a second Subject field for a second form on a site


Is their a way to add a second subject field entry for a second form on the one site?

For example, i have two forms on my site. The subject field in the form site settings has an entry which really only applied to the first form on the site. The second form has a different purpose so it would be good if we could set the Subject field for extra forms with their own unique value. In my case both forms are submitting to the same email address.


Hi @Amreet_Gill, thanks for the question. I am not sure if I totally understand the question, but lets say for example that there is two forms on the site. You can give each form a unique name, and each form can have their own subject field.

When the form names are different, the responses for each form will be stored separately in their own form submission list. In this case, both forms still submit to the same email address, but the form storage for each form submission is separate.

Does that help the situation?

Cheers, Dave

actually i was referring to the site settings - forms - Subject field.

you can only enter one value in their, which will be the same for all forms used on the site.

screenshot link below

i actually have a more in depth question in relation to emails and the forms on my site, but i will email support for this, as its quite complex.

Hi @Amreet_Gill, yes thank you, I have received your support request, and I will contact you separately about that. Thanks :slight_smile: Dave