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Best way to replicate this look

Hi Webflow family,

I’m in the begginings of a new portfolio site, I’d like to replicate the way this site:

Acts like a news feed with the centred line running down the page with ‘boxes’ either side. Now I guess I could add a border to one side of a column etc.

I was wondering what your opinions are on the best way to create the same effect.

Look forward to your replies.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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You got the right idea. Have you tried this yet?

I have yes and it does work. I was just wondering whether there was a ‘right’ way to do it?

Whatever works for you is the best way to do it. I would probably have done the same.

An alternate route:
You could do 2 floating divs side by side 50% each.
then change the margins to be responsive.

The advantage of using rows / column is that the system will make it response for you.

I guess you could also flex the grid.

But it all comes out to something similar to what you have already.

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