How to achieve a vertical timeline in webflow

Has anyone here managed to create one for their site??

looking for something similar to the examples below.


everything is possible :wink:


view and learn:

let me know if you have questions. GL HF

very cool @PixelGeek !

i wonder if its as easy to implement other code projects from the tympanus site into webflow…they have some truly amazing demos!

Webflow does not (yet) have a timeline widget. But as you can tell from my public project link, it is possible to recreate simple shapes and layouts with the Webflow editor.

Try learning from my example. Learning makes web design (and life in general) much more fun than pre-packaged widgets. =)


@PixelGeek Would you mind refreshing the links (or point me to the right tutorial)? I am trying to create the vertical timeline, but I think your share link is pointing to something else.

Thanks in advance.