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How to build a dynamic timeline?

Hello brilliant webflow community.

I am scoping out a web design project to possibly to a build in webflow, and I came across a difficult section, and I am wondering the best way to code it.

Here it is:

In essence it is a timeline. When you click on different elements on the right side of the panel, the background image, and text content of the div will change to reflect that specific entry.

Ideally I could do this with Webflow CMS to allow the client to add, remove, or re-arrange timeline entries. But if that is horrifically complicated, I would also consider just building it just statically.

Does anyone have any helpful tips on how I could accomplish something like this?

Thank you.

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Hey @joeliomartini,

Here are some helpful tips from previous forum posts;

Hope this helps!


have you a fresh link for it?