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How is the following website layout achieved in Webflow


Have a look at the following site;

Is it possible to achieve a similar layout using Webflow?? The main bar on the left is straight forward enough, but the other images/text boxes, they seem dynamically generated dependent upon the viewport size.

I believe they are using custom javascript to achieve this.

How close can one duplicate this using vanilla Webflow??


You can do that just using rows and columns. The fact it’s loading every time you switch viewport is to reload animations/videos etc.

would be something along the lines of the following example;

Nice design.

That design is not quite so easy to duplicate in WebFlow.

Perhaps someone else can achieve better results than I have been able to…

but with a quick 30 min test - it (my test) needs more work.

It took a while to figure out the details… but it totally do-able in WebFlow.

You can create an almost perfect replica of the original.

The parts where it a little different can be fixed as well… just a little more time and effort.

Gotta love this tool… (WebFlow that is).

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@Revolution could you post a public link if you still have it!

yes i would appreciate a public link too @Revolution!