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How i can do the pagination with webflow?

how i can do the pagination with webflow ?

Native pagination is not possible at the moment in Webflow, but a bit of a rough workaround is to use Dynamic lists inside a Tab widget.


Or if you can handle a limited amount of pages of lists for the moment (under 10 or so) you can use a menu widget in a symbol as a pager. Filters will limit your lists to a range of records.


I must try that on my new projekt. :blush:

You can fake pagination with tabs. You can get really fancy with it, but the basics is:

  1. Place a tab widget.
  2. Style the Tab Menu to look like previous / next or numbered. Whatever you prefer.
  3. Place a dynamic list in the Tab Pane 1.
  4. Style how you want your items to appear.
  5. Set the Dynamic Item to list 1 - X (in this case I’ll use 1-10).
  6. On Tab 2, copy paste that Dynamic List in the Tab 1 Pane to Tab 2 Pane.
  7. Change Tab 2’s Dynamic List to list 11-20.
  8. Repeat. (I believe it caps at 91-100 in this example.)