How I add search icon instead of text "Search" in search bar?

I want this

Instead of

I can input the icon in the button as a part of it. Also, I can’t delete this so that I can add a link block. How I can do this please help.

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Use background image and svg icon. Add extra left padding (room for the icon).

To put the search button on top of the feild you can use position absolute (overlay).

Hello Mehbub.Did you find answer ur question? If yes.Could u share with me

You can create your search form any way you like.
If you choose to, you don’t need a button because HTML5 supports “implicit submit” when you press enter on an input field within a form.

In Webflow a search is always pathed as;


So in your form, set the action to /search, and the method to GET.
Give your INPUT field a name of query.

You can add Google Material Symbols to your site and then use that as the font on your search button. Allowing you to add a icon to the search button.

Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts