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How does "data-w-id" attribute work?

Hey, I’m trying to convert a Webflow Website that a client gave me into React. I’ve never used webflow myself and seeing so many data tags has me confused.

There’s a button

<a data-w-id="0531a4f3-285e-2ef8-c6e2-b1b8d06734df" href="#" class="cta-btn-2 mint-btn w-inline-block">
     <div class="cta-text">MINT NOW</div>

I’ve changed it to

<div data-w-id="0531a4f3-285e-2ef8-c6e2-b1b8d06734df" className="cta-btn-2 mint-btn w-inline-block">
            <ConnectButton>Connect Wallet</ConnectButton>

But the button is not static anymore. it moves around when the page scrolls.

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