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How do you keep your WF css organized?

WF generate the css in a linear way so let’s say you have finished your design but later you need to add another component in the middle of your design, this will add css code at the bottom of your stylesheet or if you add other class to modify something on your site the code will go to the bottom.

How do you avoid messy code?

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I would not call Webflow CSS files messy code :confused: To me, it looks pretty clean organized.
If you mean the fact that classes showed not alphabetically, I never heard any complaints from my colleagues about that.

I like a ordered code and easy to scan, developers usually group their components ( typography, components, helpers etc…) I don’t wan to see a css where you see a footer class then a header class, then buttons, and again a .footer-wrapper and so on!

I usually override with another stylesheet, so if I need to make changes and export the code again, I can just replace the main stylesheet and files without having to affect my custom changes.

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