How do you embed hmtl that uses an external jQuery library?

Hi All,

I tried to look in other forum posts for the answer to this, but I was not able to figure it out.

I have this page:

My goal is to embed a custom quiz, using, on the Symptom Checker page (/symptom-checker). Right now all of the code required to do so is in the “Custom Code” section of the page.

The error I get is:

Can someone tell me what to do here? I have tried hard to figure it out but I’m not a jquery expert.

jQuery is already loaded before the body close. Don’t try to load it in the head. The interpreter script needs to be loaded in the before body close. The CSS can stay in the head.

You may run into issues loading bootstrap.css on top of Webflow. Not sure why they need it (lazy probably). If you do you can always determine what styles are needed and add them manually.

Hi webdev,

My now has:

and before there is:

but I am still getting the same error:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: jQuery.deparam is not a function.

Can you help me solve this problem? I studied machine learning so I can code but I don’t have much webdev experience at all.

The resource you’re trying to use doesn’t have any documentation and looks like it’s in beta or maybe an alpha. So I can’t even see a functional example of it working anywhere. So this is not something that I would want to debug.

Maybe you could tell me what you’re actually trying to accomplish with the software and I can point you to a solution that’s working.