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How can I add this jQuery Twitter Scroller?

Hi. I’m trying to get this Twitter scroller working on a Webflow site I am building. I am hosting the JS, CSS and PHP files on my work webspace. I’m not sure why it’s not displaying on my Webflow site. Would be grateful if anyone can help. Thanks

Here is the Webflow site.

          /* <![CDATA[ */
          jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
            'use strict';

            /* ================ TWEETSCROLL PLUGIN ================ */
              username: 'twitteruser',
              limit: 5,
              replies: false,
              position: 'append',
              animation: 'slide_up',
              date_format: 'style2',
              visible_tweets: 2,
              request_url: "https://linktomywebsite/here/tweets.php"
            }); // TWEETSCROLL END

          /* ]]> */

This seems to be the code which is causing the problem. The browser error is: “Uncaught TypeError: $(…).tweetscroll is not a function”

Put the code before body (After Jquery load). Not as embed Code.

Thanks for your reply! I’m not sure what you mean? Is before body inserted into the code above? or do I move the location of the code above on my site? Thanks