How do you easily reuse a "show / hide" interaction?

Hello, I created an interaction that shows & hides a staff member’s bio. The final page will contain around 30 bios, so I tried to reuse the interaction for staff member one on staff members two and three, and so on. When I click on “show/hide bio” for staff members two & three, it shows/hides the bio for staff member one. I can see in the in “Actions” panel associated with the interaction that the “show/hide” functionality for staff members two & three is referencing text and paragraph elements that belong to staff member one.

When I click on a specific action and go to “Affect” at the bottom of the page, I can see there are options to change the element that is affected by a specific action, but this is where I get lost. When I make changes, the “show/hide” functionality gets all weird.

Is there a easy way to reuse an interaction with just a few small changes, or do I have rebuild the interaction for each staff member? Public share link of the issue is below.

Thanks in advance

Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 12.37.43 am

Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 12.37.28 am

Here is my public share link: