How do you Design a Mobile UI in Webflow?

Hello Webflow Community!

I have one question for you:
How do you build a Mobile UI in Webflow?

I am already using divs to accomplish most of everything, but I’m not sure how I could export it as assets.

Thanks guys. :smiley:

Well there are two things for mobile development that you can do with Webflow.

  1. make prototypes of apps, with interaction simulation etc.
  2. make entire apps buy building an HTML site that will be embeded as is in an app… aka “webapp”. You can also only design the templates and hand them over to a developer who will put some dynaimc on them and make an app with it. There is a difference between a webapp – which has a real HTML content who is either self hosted (sources are inside the app) or hosted somewhere (the app is a window that shows online content) – and an app using HTML for it’s interface – I’m currently working on an app that uses HTML CSS and JS only for UI description, and it’s populated using other technologies.

Now, if you aim at designing an app then exporting individual graphic assets, that’s not really recommended, if only possible.

Can you tell us exactly what you’re aiming at?

Thank you.

I am looking to design an app UI in Webflow. I have already begun practicing for the real thing here:

I wish to make all of the screens in Webflow and then export them as assets. Somehow.

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