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Mobile only app - Best Practice

I’m intending on using webflow to create an app designed for mobile only, wrapping up the html as an app for Android or iOS (for example using something like PhoneGap). I suppose first I should check that this is at all possible, I struggled to find mobile app focused examples in the gallery and templates.

Secondly, where could I find some advice as to how to structure a site like this? Am I supposed to create a separate page for each mobile screen or is there a more efficient way of doing it so that multiple screens are contained in one page? I’m not aiming for something that looks like a mobile responsive website, but rather more like a native app.


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Yes this is possible. Just design using the mobile landscape and portrait modes.

There is no right answer. It all depends on how you prefer it to be designed. This is more of a UX issue.

If you don’t want multiple page loads, then of course you can simply do everything in a single page.

Thanks for the reply. In which case I would like to create something akin
to a single page application. It’s pretty obvious how to go about linking
actions to different pages but can someone tell me how I would create
separate screens on the one page?

You can try tabs, or use interactions to show/hide layers.

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