How do I use the student promo code?

I got approved and got the classroom promo code in my email. Went into dashboard, project settings, bill to upgrade the plan. However none of the plan allowed the promo code I was given. Its frustrating. Does anyone know how to do this? Plz help thank you


“Hello, first you have to create a project, a new ‘website’ you can create a blank web or take some template, then you have to go to the settings of that project and continue with the steps that were sent to you by email.”

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Hi there, these are all the options to upgrade plan in a project. But none of it accepted the promo code

Hi! Have you solved your issue?

any update how to solve?

I don’t know if you are all having this issue still, but I was able to obtain the free discount when I clicked the CMS option as in the picture, filled up all the information, and added the student code as a promo code! Hopefully this clears up any doubt :,)

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ty very much that was it. To anyone experiencing the same, you have to select a blank template 1st, otherwise the CMS option wont show up to apply the student code!

It’s good that we found a way out. If the problem persists, I recommend contacting Webflow support by providing details to their support team. This should definitely help you. I had so many places, on different resources. I kind of freaked out and found research paper topics, used points of view and ideas to come up with research paper topic for this. By the way, I also want to do this now, I hope I won’t have such a problem. Although there is already an answer on how to fix this.

First, you have to create a website (Dashboard > All sites > New site). There’s a tag ‘Starter site’ on your site’s thumbnail (yet in the ‘All sites’ page). By clicking on this tag, you’ll go to the site plan settings. The CMS plan has already been selected. Click on ‘Upgrade to CMS’ and go on.