How do I send data to API via Form

Hi all! I’m hoping someone can guide me a little on this. I am trying to send data to an API via a Webflow form.

Here’s the page:, which has a form module about half way down.

Here’s the API I’m trying to work with: API | AstroAPI

I know enough to set the form SUBMIT button to:

I also know that the fields in the form need to match the fields in the API, so they do:

  • First Name = name
  • Date of Birth = date (currently an HTML embed)
  • Time of Birth = time (currently an HTML embed)
  • City = place_id (for testing I’m using place_id = 1250015082, as per API link below about Places)
  • and I have two hidden text boxes with ‘en’ for lang and ‘p’ for system (I’ve temporarily made them not hidden for this question)

But that’s about all I (think I) know. What am I missing?

When I fill out this form to test it, it redirects to the login screen of - It doesn’t give me any indication if the info was sent, or if there was an error.

BONUS: How can I combine two actions into one form? The City + Country need to be sent first to generate place_id (API | AstroAPI) before place_id can be used in the Natal chart. So how do I do that all at once?

BONUS: How do I ‘read’ or get the data back? The API doc says it provides a response but where / how do I get to it? In the end, I want to display the Astrological Wheel (wheel) item of the response.

READ-ONLY LINK: Webflow - Venus in Love

Hey! You’ll be best to use a webhook solution via integromat or