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How do I remove the white frame on videos?

Here is another simple CSS tip to remove border from video eg. YT

		border: none;
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Happening to me as well. Is this a bug? I don’t recall this happening in the past.

This is definitely either a bug or a change in the default behavior of Webflow’s video component. I started seeing this on a new site I’m working on, double-checked previous sites and it wasn’t there. Webflow’s video component uses Embedly to embed videos (a third party tool that just takes your video URL and standardizes the embed behavior regardless of platform). Previously the Embedly code that was generated from the video component added in a frameborder=“0” attribute to the resulting

Right now the only fixes appear to be those above - use the HTML Embed component manually, or add the style code @Stan provided. I’ve opened a ticket with support, so hopefully they can fix the issue.

Anyone else also not able to fullscreen the video as well? Not sure if it’s just my not “officially” supported video or also a bug.

Hi @nealwhite to know why is a border around <iframe> you should read MDN documentation for<iframe>. You will find that frameborder is 1 by Default and there is several ways how to remove it.

from MDN Doc

The value 1 (the default) draws a border around this frame. The value 0 removes the border around this frame, but you should instead use the CSS property border to control <iframe> borders.

thas why IMO you should reconsider report this standard behaviour as a bug

MDN Doc for iframe

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