Border on sides of video?

We can’t seem to figure out why we get these on the sides of our video?

Hi Philip,

Add some 1 rem padding inside of the hero-wrapper. Should fix it

hi @philipmahl borders on video is very common request from users. The reasons why it happened and how to solve it I’m explaining eg. in this request.

As this forum is great source of solutions feel free to use search input field and spend some time to find if issue you are facing is already solved. :wink:

Thank you Ali and Stan

I tried both options.

  1. 1 EM
  2. Adding style to no border

Nothing happened.

I’ll keep looking to find a solution.

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HI @philipmahl I can’t find video you’re have in screenshot as page is not specified in your request be able to find it. I have find one video to check and you have set frameborder="no" and that is not correct value.

If you have read my response I do not wrote that value should be no but it should be 0 as noted in official documentation.

Hope that will clear out doubts how it should be done correctly and will help to solve your request.