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How do I put an anchor in a page?

How can I place an anchor in a page?

And then how do I link to that anchor in that page (setting it by the page rather than the url)?

thanks - dave

@David_Thielen - Your answers are in the University. Search for “link”.

I was able to find a video (searched on anchor - link didn’t find it). And setting the ElementId - no problem.

But I don’t get this option to create the link. I’m trying to create the link in a RTF section in a CMS page. And the element is in a static page. Is there something different for this combination?


thanks - dave

For my question on links to anchors, I got 1/2 the answer. But still need the other half.

If no one answers a question here, what’s the next step to get an answer?

thanks - dave

One cannot create anchors inside Webflow’s rich text elements without custom code. The ID field is not available when editing elements (children) inside a RTE. Webflow provides a message instead.


You can link to an anchor, in a RTE, by using the external link type with the path and anchor /slugname#someanchor or #anchor when targeting something on the same page.

I usually research the subject and formulate a solution, sometimes with trial and error.

I was afraid of that - having to use the actual url. That becomes a problem if pages move.

This 100 static page limit is really a pain…

thanks - dave