How Do I Make This Input Field Active?

Hey folks - can any of you toss me tips/code that will help me make the INPUT FIELD on this template page (below) active? And actually process emails with “GO” being the send button? I wanna use it for a Newsletter/Updates SIGN UP. I really appreciate it!


I’ve been watching tutorials and troubleshooting the fields/button as much as possible, but can’t seem to figure out why this isn’t sending for me. I’m using this same template for my company’s live site, and we have forms on other pages that are working fine.

Is this a filter to display the relevant items below?

Can you share your working link?

Here’s my working link.

I’m not sure about the above question. The “enter your email” field is the one I’m looking to activate. Currently, all I can do is enter an email. When the button is clicked - nothing happens. No success. No error. Just erases.

Sorry, I meant your read-only link, to see the working file.

Your screen grab shows a field that says “Find your passion. GO”, which to me suggests I’m using the field as a search, not to enter my email address. Apologies if I’m missing something obvious here :slight_smile:

Ah, I see what you mean! If you look at the 2nd (LIVE) link, you’ll see I changed that to “enter your email.”

Without your read-only link, it’s difficult to decipher.

Could you potentially have some “required” fields that are hidden and preventing submissions?

My apologies! Still learning Webflow. Read-Only below. I don’t believe I have any required/hidden fields.

Read-Only: Webflow - LYFE At Home | Happier & Healthier Lives

It looks like you have two submission buttons and one is hidden. You’ll need to remove your visible button and make the hidden one visible.
I’m unable tot test this tho. You’ll need to publish and test from your staging page.