How do I make my header wider?


How can I edit my headers and footer content width? I can’t seem to push my logo more to the left and my menu content more to the right, I can’t figure out how to extend it even more, looks like I hit the max width, but I should be able to make it even wider, almost full width I need it to be. I am using the Moya theme which is sold on webflow.

Please let me know how to solve this.

Reset the container’s max width property

Hello, @Port_of_Folio

This doesn’t work either, nothing changes.

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Hello, @webdev I do not feel comfortable sharing my link, but can you help me with this? I still haven’t found a solution.

Unless your website project includes a nondisclosure agreement or has sensitive data displayed, posting your share link is a major part of this forum. Viewers who have your share link cannot change anything within your site. It allows the viewer to solver your problem. Without it, and with no reference to what you’re trying to achieve, how will one help you? At the very least we will need screen captures of the page and a description of what is wrong and what you hope to create.

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