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How do I get the stuff on my desktop site to show up on mobile site?

My mobile site is not being edited along when I edit my desktop site. It used to and it is not doing it any more, I dont know if there is a switch that I have to hit to get it to work or what, the main issue I am having it with is the Color Prints page under the service drop down menu. If anyone can shed some insight on this, I am still learning how to use Webflow. Thanks

Here is my site Read-Only:

You can’t just set intermediate breakpoints to their original values, you have to “remove the style”. Otherwise, it’s acting like an override and blocking the styles from cascading down the hierarchy. If it’s highlighted in blue and you’re not looking at the desktop view, the style is acting like an override.

If it gets too frustrating (like when you spend 20 minutes perfecting a responsive section to realize you did the whole thing only in tablet view), start fresh with new elements and style top down. (Defeats “mobile first” but produces much cleaner code and faster sites). Your other choices are to find every single change you made and manually “remove style” or live with your current site.