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How can I use the link chooser to point to PDF's or uploaded PDF files in Rich Text, Paragraph Fields?

I agree - I’ve just had a client ask me how to change a PDF in a collection. I set these up in designer by uploading the PDF to webflow and then getting the link from there but in editor there doesn’t seem to be any way of uploading a PDF. This is very important to my clients. Just to clarify - I have a field in my collection that goes to a button. Sometimes that button will be an external link but sometimes it will be a document uploaded to webflow. Currently I can’t see how you can upload a PDF to webflow from the Editor

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There is a solution if the number of PDFs are limited, i.e 1-10 PDFs. I needed a link for AppStore and didn’t want the “e2d03e086f417e3081d8c15/5…” link since this may change etc. On AppStore you can’t change these things without uploading a new version fo the app.

I did as follows:
In Project settings, Under Hosting, Under “301 Redirects”

So now the link outside my site is always the same, ie
If the uploads-link is changed, I only need to update it here.

This a manually operation, but for my purpose it was good enough.

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It is hard to understand why Webflow would not have taken care of an obviously important client feature like this before moving on to some of the other things they have already updated.

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I agree. This is really basic functionality that you must be able to reply on for a paid product of this type.

This is killing me now. Does @WebflowCommunityTeam have any response to an expected solution to the problem?


Any further info on this!?

I was somehow convinced this was already a feature…but i was wrong. Seems a very basic feature for the client to be able to attach a PDF to a button using the editor. I must say I’m now getting to a point where the list of why Webflow is a great option for clients is getting very small.

It’s a great product for designers and non-developers and I think is really pushing the boundaries in terms of design solutions but as a client solution it fails on many points…for someone who just wants to content manage their site…stuff like this and the ability to direct form responses to different emails it’s becoming a real issue. I’ve actually stopped selling it to clients. It’s a real shame.


It’s crazy how this isn’t an option 2 years down the line!! Is there a wishlist item for this??

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Would it really matter? Seriously feel free to check and add if missing.

:joy: such a shame! I’ll check

Sometimes I really do not understand some limitations Webflow sets…

While some features understandably require huge efforts to develop, many missing features / limitations such as this one are obviously so much easier to offer. @Jiaona_Zhang

I have to create a collection “Files” for clients to upload and copy the file path.

It feels like the WordPress Media Library in the old days.
The future is old fashion ?!


This is a work-around that may help everyone. I followed the concepts by @timothy1643 with this video: to create a more customized editor for clients. Basically, the workaround is to create a multi-reference field that points to another CMS collection called “File Attachments” or whatever name you want. In the File Attachment collection, add a file attachment field.

So when a client in the editor needs to attach a file, then they can use the multireference field to create a new file attachment which will activate the File Attachments Collection (where they can name and drag and drop their preferred file).

On your blog template, you will need to nest a collection in your design that points to the File Attachment Collection inside your blog collection. In your collection List Item, create a link item or a button that will allow you to dynamically pull the name of the attachment, and the link URL should be set to the attachment (looks like a paper clip icon).

It’s not a perfect solution since you cannot create a link to an attachment that’s inline with the content in a rich text field copy but it does allow you to create an area in your design to allow the buttons or text links for the file attachment to appear dynamically if you have files to attach.

Protip: just make sure the nested collection for file attachments is wrapped in a div that has conditional visibility set so the div will not appear if there is no file attachment set for that blog.

Hope that helps.